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What is 'PopKorn Kids' about?
PopKorn Kids is all about learning through gamification. It is a unique blend of Game Based Learning and Activity Based Learning.......
'PopKorn Kids' is all about learning through gamification.
Gamification is the application of game design thinking to non-game entities in order to encourage a specific behavior. Through gamification the entire learning process is observed as the game. It engages a learner from the introduction stage till his achievement stage. The child is rewarded in form of scores while answering each question in the game. During gamification process simultaneous interaction between the students' affective and cognitive processes enhances his academic performance. In education field, gamification is applied to engage a learner to master his skills in a relaxed and fun mood. It encourages student to play an active role to complete his task that results in his positive performance.
PopKorn Kids offer students, teachers as well as parents, a variety of activity based learning modules so as to make learning fun. We firmly believe that learning should be based on activities related to day to day life, as kids are active learners rather than passive recipients of information.
PopKorn is a character
Research shows that generally memory is a temporary phenomenon but when connected with emotions it has a permanent impact. Here the character PopKorn has been created to have an emotional bonding with children and teachers. PopKorn is the common friend between a student and his teacher. The PopKorn smoothly transfers teaching from the teachers to their students. The learning process becomes interactive, interesting and innovative to inculcate impeccable ideas in the young mind.
Unique Learning Approach
Keeping a child at the core, 'PopKorn Kids' is designed with activities that serve the unique needs of learners. The concepts taught are based on curriculum accepted universally, pertaining to different age groups and abilities. 'PopKorn Kids' follows Cognitive Based Training Methodology by presenting through our unique learning approach known as PopKorn's P5 Approach. PopKorn's P5 Approaches a blend of learning activities and game based learning that cultivates and develops various skills in children. Each topic is mastered with each approach methodically, the child first perceives , next he is preached, followed by the given practice of the well learnt concept, thereafter the child plays with it through interactive games and finally he is assessed to know that his learning about the concept is now perfect. Acquiring competencies through our approachenables a learner to encounter future challenges with confidence. This unique learning approach assists an educator to make their work cost effective. All the ideas are remarkably presented in each worksheet that enables the administrators, teachers, parents and students to meet all at one point inthe students' learning process.
Why PopKorn Kids?
Learning through Gamification
Learning benefits are witnessed as a result of an unhampered cyclical relationship; The students' enjoys the stimulating game, desires to continue to play and then upon receiving immediate feedback gets intrinsically motivated to play it again in order to rectify errors and thus enhance his performance.
Through gamification the student develops positive relationship with inadequacy. He does not get demotivated and sit back in fear but takes responsibility to rectify his errors. Gamification encourages competiveness in student for they get recognize for their learning. Hence learning becomes an opportunity for them to develop their skills and receive recognition from their peers, mentors and their guardians.
Yearning for Learning
PopKorn Kids is designed to help a child cultivate a yearning for his own learning through gamification of academic content. It engages a student in his learning process. This helps in laying strong foundation in developing various competencies through joyful learning. A child yearns to be accepted in his environment. He is recognized for his work that he completes. PopKorn Kids promises this experience to each child.
Interest is a gate way to Attention
PopKorn becomes the ultimate guide/mentor in their learning expedition. PopKorn Kids games and activities play vital role in drawing child's attention that has elements of Involvement, Connection and Reflection, as a result Application of Knowledge is attained. The child takes complete interest in his learning process. He gets intrinsically motivated that result in his best retention. The highly motivated child makes every effort to focus his attention. Attention is the key to discover the world that he actively participates in.
Blend of Instructions
The unique interwoven blend of passive and active instructions provides a smooth framework for the student to remain an active recipient of information. Thus, the active learner effortlessly accomplishes the learning outcome.
Recalling and Reinforcement of Concepts
Once concept has been already explained it is imperative to recapitulate through consistent practice. And keeping in mind we have created content that gives ample of practice in order to recapitulate each concept at regular interval through different learning medium taught at each level.
Retrial Enhances Performance:
If a new concept taught in the classroom is revised at home on the same day then the chance to keep that in child's memory increases. With PopKorn a student chooses to play the games repeatedly till he masters his skills taught. It is very likely that the child will be first one to give answers in their class on the following day.
Learning that Demands Cognition
'PopKorn Kids' compels the child to train his brain through the cognitive process that involve Observing, Identifying, Recalling and Applying the Knowledge in his classroom. The child does not only master the concept but also learns to think. Gamification process engages the child to think over his thinking hence enhances his metacognition. It is known that learning demands applying lower order thinking skills in conjunction with higher order thinking skills that leads to the development of planning ability and problem solving skill.
'PopKorn Kids'
For Educators
PopKorn Kids serves as teacher aid /tool for the teachers.
A teacher can change normal classroom to Gamified Classroom by adapting play with PopKorn.
PopKorn Kids is rich with presenting the content through different modalities. We provide ready to use lesson plans and worksheets. The books, worksheets and e-learning videos have high quality instructions about each topic and element of fun through fresh and childlike voice incorporated in our e-learning videos. PopKorn Kids motivates a teacher to enter her classroom resourceful.
The teachers can experience little relaxation from explaining the subject matter repeatedly in the classroom.
Assessments have instructions that are easy to comprehend. They are self-explanatory for a student performing on it so the teacher does not have to sit with him. Each assessment provides an immediate feedback and completion status, thus saving a lot of back office work at the teachers' end.
In simple words, popkornkids.com has a complete learning approach that even guides learners how to learn.
For Children:
'PopKorn Kids' provides interactive learning that involves a child constructively.
Children have an opportunity to listen to questions multiple times hence they learn in a low stressed environment within a more flexible time frame.
Children gain confidence through immediate feedback on each activity.
The varied theme related attractive layouts accompanied with the childlike voice by the PopKorn character engage a child's attention to his activity or learning. The child that can concentrate can understand better. The learning process becomes smooth and strong that results in transformation of a dependent learner into an independent learner.
For Parents:
'PopKorn Kids' has adopted 'Playing and Learning' concept, that is emerging as the most acceptable learning trend for children around the globe.
Keeping in mind a child's likes and inclination towards different activities 'PopKorn Kids' has constructively gamified the academic concepts according to their age group.
The unique features of games are as follows:
PopKorn's voice is lucid and friendly. The children identify themselves with the character. They do not feel left out while learning as their electronic friend PopKorn is always present explaining the concept with terrific layout. They form an emotional bond with the live character that is always there to help them learn new things.
The child learns to associate his learning at school with e learning through PopKorn Kids. And when the link makes sense to him this intrinsically motivates him to learn.
The themes are remarkably designed keeping in mind of the age group. The child will experience this as a play but at the end he too has successfully achieved the learning outcome. The game creates the learning space in the child's room. As parents can confidently announce to their ward to go back to their room and play with their friend PopKorn while they are attending to their other responsibilities. As parents you won't feel guilty of not giving quality time to your kids; as you have a trustworthy representative of yours guiding your precious kid.
With 'PopKorn Kids', kids can independently learn and recap their lessons at any suitable time from the comfort of their homes.