Advance Solutions

Children’s learning occurs in an integrated and holistic manner. Whenever we design books/worksheet for such young learner, we work with child-centric approach. The worksheets have been designed with different theories which includes brain development, Multiple Intelligence theory as well as an understanding of child development and age appropriateness have been considered. We have given enough opportunities where real life activities are connected, readiness and lower-higher thinking skills are developed.


PopKorn’s Learn Series is a traditional learning solution with lucid explanation of concept and engaging tasks which enable the children to give their full involvement. Each topic (Milestone) has leaps in the form of activities.


PopKorn’s Practice Series Books are colourful set of worksheets. That is designed to help children recall all the concepts which they have learnt in classroom.

Writing Series

PopKorn’s Writing Series Books are designed to provide extra practice of writing with attractive layout of each page so children can accomplish their writing task in organized way.

Rhymes & Stories (with Props and Pop-Up App)

This series has been created to develop linguistic skills at early age. It is provided with the detail of props and performance of respective Rhymes. It will make children expressive and confident about Rhymes recitation.

Prop Book Series

This series is designed to provide lovely props/crafts by just cut and paste method. This is created to support the Rhyme and Stories series and moreover these props can be used as object talk, Show and Tell, classroom decoration etc.

Art & Craft (Create & Share)

PopKorn’s Art and Craft Series for children is designed to make them little creator who enjoys by creating and express by sharing. It also has couple of take away that will bring joys to them.

PopKorn Pop-up Term Series

This new arrival is just designed to provide mixed subject book for kindergarten. Where all subjects (skills) are covered in one common title. Each level has only two parts. It comes with the augmented app where videos are available for each topic.