Digital Solutions

PopKorn always has kept children’s need while designing any solutions. When we thought of implementing technology in preschools, we have kept in mind that it should be a teacher’s support system and have given importance to teaching learning experience. We have designed digital solutions to empower students with interactive and multisensory experiences. Though this digital learning approach children will understand concept in a better way and will able to connect it with classroom teaching.

We have

  • Look & Learn App

  • Interactive Classroom

  • Parent App

  • AR App

Classroom Solutions

PopKorn’s Audio-Visual & Gamified content makes the classroom interactive and engaging. It includes all PopKorn E-Learning / Games / Assessment that brings communication in the classroom. It is available for windows & android compatible version and compatible for smart class and Tabclass.

Teachers’ App (Offline App)

Teachers’ can have all content in their phones/tablets (android).It includes a set of Audio-Visual learning Videos and Assessment modules along with Educational Games and the series of e-books. With this app, teachers can broadcast the content through projector or TV to make classroom playful.

Parents’ App (Offline App)

This PopKorn App for parents has been designed to enable parents spend a valuable positive screen time with their kids. The app has Audio-Visual learning, Games and Assessment solutions to let their kids recall the concepts swiftly and easily which they already learnt at School.

Network App (Online App)

Teachers will get access to all sorted tools with the liberty to Edit / Add any other resources. They can also control the access of parents for the content by selecting Hide / View. Parents will be updated about activities and academic progress in the schools. Having access to designed curriculum with multiple tools, they can guide their kids rightly in academics.