Training & Support Solutions

Foundation years are important for children. To give them right environment, facilitator and opportunities also extremely important. Here PopKorn has wide range of tools and resources which help teachers and school for effective implementation. We provide creative solutions and growth opportunities to early years educators in order to achieve best in the classrooms.

We have

  • Task Sheets

  • Prop Box

  • Teacher Training Sessions

Tasksheet (Softcopy)

This printable software includes 1000+ task sheets of all levels, just designed to provide extra practice. Even school can print the worksheets as and when required as per their requirement as it is sorted level wise / subject wise / skill wise (topic wise). It can bridge the skill gap.

Test Papers (Softcopy)

This solution is designed just for the assessment purpose. Total 48 papers that are designed half yearly as well as full yearly (Pre & Full Assessment Papers).

PopKorn Planners

This solution is designed only for teachers. These level wise planners will be a guide for pre-school teachers. It will be a guide for the teachers about how to implement the different solutions of PopKorn.

Teachers’ Training

This solution is designed only for teachers. Teachers will be given training by PopKorn Mentor about PopKorn Pedagogy and implementation of Content in the classroom. For all schools that implement PopKorn Kit will get benefit of complementary – Common Teachers Training.